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Recent Sales

Try Yahooty Blu and his new owner, Sheryl, celebrating Try's first birthday.  :-)

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  • Smokes Lil Dandy

  • 2014 Double Homozygous Grullo Colt

  • 2014 HZ Black (EE) Brown Dun Colt

  • Cherry Valentine




















  • Spark Ina Blue Moon, grullo mare...Congratulations to Joan and Roger in Scotland!  2004 update:  "Dottie" has nearly earned her ROM and is the UK Supreme Champion at Halter for 2004, beating out the top stallion and the top gelding in the United Kingdom!

  • Yahootie Patooty, grullo roan filly....Congratulations to Jamie and Steve in Oklahoma!

  • Blu Gru Yahoo, AQHA grullo roan filly...Congratulations to Libby in Paola, Kansas!

  • "Cami," dunalino filly...Congratulations to Sue in Colorado!

  • Bleu Smoke N Dun, RARE double black gene/double creme gene/possible double dun factor-gened colt!  Congratulations to Joan in North Carolina!

  • Amira, bay roan gray 1/2 Arabian filly.  Congratulations to Tricia in Iowa!

  • Eyed Slyde By, black colt.  Congratulations to Karyn in Minnesota!

  • Miss Troubles Topaz, graying grullo mare in foal.  Congratulations to Tiffany in Wisconsin!

  • Lou Smoke, red dun mare.  Congratulations to Libby and friends in Paola, Kansas!

  • Sonnys Spot O Shadow, pinto gelding.  Congratulations to Lauri in Missouri!  Hear about Shadow by listening to the Brownfield Network on your radio.

  • Eyed Flash Shahndeen, grullo filly.  Congratulations to Libby and friends in Paola, Kansas! Now in Canada

  • Miss Iowa Sun Glo, grullo mare in foal.  Congratulations to Roger and Teresa in Wisconsin!

Previous Years' Sales
Are In Storage

  • We are sorry if we didn't include your horse...some day, I'll get those records and add them. :-)

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