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CR Merlins Majac

"Shamus," 2007 Gelding

Pedigree     Photos and Videos

  • Born 5/30/2007

  • Sire:  Mainly Merlin, light/silver grullo bulldog-built stallion

  • Dam:  Sinnifs Peppy Magic, exported to The Czech Republic

  • Shamus was sold as a baby to Broken A Ranch. On January 1, 2012, the owner of Broken A Ranch unexpectedly passed away, and we got Shamus back to care for and to look for his forever home.

  • 90 days of training, likes to be ridden. Shamus likes people, and is easy to catch. He was ridden by a trainer in NE Missouri, where he was ridden on roads and along a highway. Shamus does not neck rein yet, but likes to be ridden down the trail. This is what one of Liz's trainers said about him:

    "I have ridden Shamus only a few times, and it had been a year after his training, with no one riding him in between. The very first time I got on him, he seemed a little surprised, but he rode right off when asked to. He moves away from leg pressure very well, and never got lazy about it. Due to the footing during the time I rode, I only rode him at the walk and trot. However, he previous trainer had him loping down the ditch of a highway on the 4th day of training. He's very smart, and picks things up very quickly. He also has an extremely good work ethic, and seems to be a lot happier when he has a job to do.

    When he walks, he likes to go fast and get things done. When he trots, he is happy to go at whatever speed you desire, and he is so smooth and fluid. His working trot would be comfortable to sit all day long, in my opinion.

    In the field that I rode him in, there were logs, a culvert from an old driveway, and a big manure pile. I would ride him over the logs, and he would pick his feet up and be sure to clear them. I would ride him up and down the steepest part of the culvert (even though it was only a step or two) and he would never hesitate, and navigate it without any problems. I would stop him with his front end on top of the culvert, and the rear on the bottom, and vice versa, and make him just stand there. He just waited patiently until I told him to move off. I also asked him to climb up and down the manure pile, and wade through it (it would sink a foot and a half or so), an he did so without panicking or anything else. I was really surprised. He would just kind of put his head down and power on through it.

    I also noticed while lunging him that he is really agile, and can bend around his barrel really well. I think he would be an awesome athlete. Do to this and his big boned stature, I would be comfortable taking him through some really rough country. I think he is sturdy enough to handle just about anything. I also think, with his work ethic, that he would be great in an environment where he is used and has a job everyday, or at least most days. I do, however, feels he needs proper conditioning for work
    (when Shamus came back to Iowa in January, 2012, he had not had exercise in quite some time due to staying in a small pen after Liz moved). I would still consider him green broke, as he has had just over 90 days training, and hasn't seen a bunch of different obstacles. I think that after 30 more days on consistent riding and conditioning, anyone would be happy to have him as their work horse, and I think he would rarely let you down."

  • Estimating 14.2 hh, but I will measure him and post his official height soon.

  • As a foal, Shamus had two teeth knocked out. His permanent teeth grew in a little crooked. An equine dentist said they are wearing fine, but might periodically need floated at the front if they don't wear properly as they continue to grow. At age 5, he has never been floated and has no sharp points, and did not need worked on. Click here to see a picture of his front teeth.

  • Tested NEGATIVE for HERDA, GBED, and PSSM1 by Animal Genetics Laboratory (not a carrier of any of those defects).

  • Proceeds from his sale, less expenses, will be offered to Liz's family or to her memorial.

  • Contact us if you are interested in purchasing Shamus before he is given a riding refresher and officially offered for sale.

  • Visit our For Sale page to view current pricing information.

Sire: Mainly Merlin


SIRE side of pedigree   Hollywood Jac 86 1967
       0592185 red dun
Hall of Fame, '93 NRHA Inductee, World Champion, 1974-75 NRHA Non Pro title. Top Ten World Show, '74 6th Sr. O RN, Superior Performance, '74 O RN, ROM Performance
Easter King 1951
       0040406 sorrel H- 2.0  P- 4.0 Stallion Show Record: ROM Performance, '54 CUT, Stallion Offspring Record: Hall of Fame Offspring, NRHA World Champion Offspring Reserve World Champion Offspring Superior Halter Offspring Superior Performance Offspring AQHA Champion Offspring ROM Performance Offspring Total Points Earned: 2,631;
  Jacs Little Pine 1981
       1794304 dun
Top Ten World Show (5th place), '85 5th O Jr RN, ROM Performance
Miss Hollywood 1947
       0020069 palomino   P- 7.0 ROM Performance, '57 O, Perf Points: 7; Mare Offspring Record, Hall of Fame Offspring, NRHA, Reserve World Champion Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NRHA Money-earners, Total Points Earned: 1,002;
  Miss Doll Pine 1973
       0966068 chestnut
Halter Point Earner, Performance Point Earner, NRHA earnings $8960.  Offspring Record, NRHA Money-earners, NRHA Offspr LTE: $50,496, NRHA Offspr Avg Earnings: $12,624
Great Pine 1966
       0410616 sorrel H- 25.0  P- 26.0 Stallion Show Record: Hall of Fame, NRHA Inductee, AQHA Champion,  ROM Performance, Stallion Offspring Record: Hall of Fame Offspring, NRHA, World Champion Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA Champion Offspring ROM Performance Offspring. NRHA Money-earners, NRCHA Money-earners, Total Points Earned: 1,985

Mainly Marty 1986
       2459172 grullo

14.3 hh
(NRHA/AQHA producer)

  Jinx Lucy Star 1967
       0499408 dun       
  Mr Joe Glo 1968
       0556944 black
AQHA Champion, ROM Performance,  Halter Point Earner, Performance Point Earner, Total Points Earned: 46; Stallion Offspring Record:, World Champion Offspring, Reserve World Champion Offspring, Superior Halter Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NRHA Money-earners, NCHA Money-earners
Lucky Joe Five 1956
       0073678 sorrel  H- 4.0  P- 8.0 Stallion Offspring Record: AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring
  Mainly Martha 1980
       1666025 brown
Reserve World Champion Jr Reining, NRHA Open Super Stakes Champion. ROM Performance, Offspring Record, Reserve World Champion Offspring, NRHA, Top Ten AQHA World Show Offspring
Squaw's Glo 1960
       0135283 dun       
  Babe Pat Star 1961
       0260512 bay
H- 211.0  P- 75.0  (70 in cutting, 5 pleasure); NCHA Earnings over $5200.  Superior Cutting, Superior Halter, Performance ROM, AQHA Champion.  Offspring Record, Reserve World Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NRHA Money-earners
Pat Star Jr 1953
       0039072 bay  Stallion Offspring Record, Superior Halter Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NCHA Money-earners, AQHA Offspring Record, Total Points Earned: 3,533; AQHA Offspr NCHA LTE: $6,406, Leading Sire List: AQHA Performance List: #8 All-time leading broodmare sire of AQHA Champions - 23; #15 All-time leading sire of Open AQHA Champions - 20
    Twinks 1955
       0079608 bay       
DAM side of pedigree   Top Amigo King 1983
       2022919 brown       
Top Brandon 1977
       1277973 gray       
  Amigo King Star 1991
       2994373 buckskin       
Amigo's Suzanne 1968
       0572756 bay       
  Dixie Rhea Star 1980
       1591830 buckskin       
Mr Rochester Star 1973
       0917737 sorrel       

Maysdorf Miss Debby 1997
3582754 grullo

15-15.1 hh

  Rhea Mare 26 1972
       0863572 buckskin       
  Dedics Skippa Doc 1978
       1362118 buckskin       
Docs Frosty Buck 1975
       1110368 buckskin       
  Maysdorf Honey 1982
       1938649 dun       
Reeds Skippa Miss 1973
       0941887 buckskin       
  Schoolmarm 1974
       1032766 dun       
Wrangler's Kidd 1959
       0121383 dun       
    Pool's Starpep 1966
       0493841 buckskin       

Dam: Sinnifs Peppy Magic

Exported to The Czech Republic

SIRE side of pedigree Leo San 1949
0020113 sorrel
H- 0.0  P- 1.0
Hall of Fame Offspring, Peppy San Badger (NCHA), Tenino San (NCHA) World Champion Offspring
Leo 1940
0001335 sorrel
75 0 0 0 0 $ 0     
Mr San Peppy 1968
0548845 sorrel
P- 161.0
Hall of Fame, NCHA World Champion, '76 O AQHA, '74 & '76 O NCHA  NCHA Finals, '72 1st O Non-Pro; '73 3rd O Finals; '76 2nd O Finals  NCHA Derby, '72 1st O Derby  Top Ten World Show, '73 5th NCHA O; '77 4th NCHA O  Superior Performance, '75 O CUT  AQHA High Point Performance Horse, '76 O CUT; '76 2nd O CUT ROM Performance  NCHA COA Bronze, Silver, Gold Hall of Fame Offspring, Peppy San Badger (NCHA), Tenino San (NCHA) World Champion Offspring
San Sue Darks 1945
0014898 sorrel       
Peppy Belle 1955
0054365 sorrel    Dam of World Champion, Cutting $ earners, Halter and Perf. point earners
Pep Up 1941
0002100 sorrel       
Mr Cee Peppy 1984
2220521 sorrel
Sire of NCHA and NRHA money earners.
Belle Burnett 1949
0043207 palomino       
Cee Bars 1950
0032022 sorrel
95 31 4 4 3 $ 2,272
  Stallion Show Record ROM Performance, '52 Race  Race money-earner  Stallion Offspring Record  Superior Halter Offspring  Superior Performance Offspring  AQHA Champion Offspring  ROM Performance Offspring  Race ROM Offspring  NCHA Money-earners. Race Money-earners
Three Bars (TB) 1940
T0065983 chestnut       
Cee Little Missie 1969
0658498 chestnut       
Chicaro Annie C 1946
0012881 sorrel       
Miss Perky 1952
0036849 bay       
Tom Burnett 1937
0000333 bay       
O'Meara's Troutman 1946
0030702 bay       
DAM side of pedigree Pat Star Jr 1953
0039072 bay    (See Legends 5-pg 92). SIRE OF: 348 AQHA Foals, 109 Perf incl: Superior Halter, Superior Perf., AQHA Champions, ROM Performance, Race ROM-Race Money Earners, NCHA COAs-NCHA Money-earners, A Leading Sire/Maternal Grandsire AQHA Champions-Arena ROM.
Oklahoma Star Jr 1934
0000598 chestnut   Stallion Offspring Record  Hall of Fame Offspring, '57 PRCA; '04 AQHA  Superior Halter Offspring  AQHA High Point Performance Offspring  AQHA Champion Offspring  ROM  Performance Offspring  Race ROM  Offspring  NCHA Money-earners  Race Money-earners  Halter Point Earners  Performance Point Earners
Georgie Pat Star 1967
0488776 bay  Producer of seven performance point earners
V's Patsy Ann 1943
0012344 brown       
Georgia Star 1956
0069110 brown
H- 8.0
AQHA Halter point earner.
Nowata Star 1940 by Oklahoma Star
0001606 brown 65 1 1 0 0 $ 0  Stallion Offspring Record  AQHA Champion Offspring  ROM Performance Offspring  NCHA Money-earners  Halter Point Earners
Sinnifs Annie Star 1985
2381079 bay
Full sister to performance point earner      
Oqutta 1947
0021501 bay       
Kid King 1958
0091719 sorrel       
King Bay 1949
0029235 bay       
Sinnif's Baybaby 1965
0386105 bay
P- 10.0
Open Performance ROM. Producer of Performance point earner
Sandra Jo King 1955
0056658 dun      
Panhandle Baby 1960
0205501 bay       
Panhandle Jim 1956
0075463 bay       
Miss Goldie May 1950
0230991 sorrel       



Photos above at previous owner's home.


Major with his dark winter hair coming in. October, 2007.

August 2007

July, 2007

3 weeks old

Dun factor galore!

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