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Zfour Watch Blue

She looks short in this photo because I was uphill of her, but she is not short! :-)

Year of Birth Suitability Color Riding Experience Breeding Status
2002 Roping, trail riding, broodmare Blue Roan Not started to our knowledge Click here to see our yearly foal pages.
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  • "Zeena" is one sweet, sweet dispositioned mare.

  • Zeena's sire is a roping horse that earned his AQHA ROM with points in heading and heeling.

  • She was sold to us as being unbroke due to a cut on her left hock, but I have never seen her favor it. She is probably sound enough to ride, though we just use her as a broodmare.

  • She has had 3 foals (as of 2010): A blue roan filly, a red dun + roan filly, and a grullo colt. She is a good mother, and has been pasture bred as well as AI'd.

  • We bred Zeena to Crowheart WYO Boy on her foal heat in mid June. We are done breeding for the year, and if she doesn't take, will leave her open for an earlier foal next time.

  • True, black-headed blue roan that fades very little in full summer sun exposure!

Zfour Watch Blue
4192057 2002 blue roan mare

SIRE side of pedigree   Plenty Try 1982
       1894414 blue roan
Gooseberry 1973
       0968815 red roan
  Plenty Blueberry 1991
       3063948 blue roan
Heather Dividend 1974
       1052111 brown
42 3 0 0 0 $ 0     
  Blue Kewpie Doll 1972
       0859734 blue roan
Blue Valentine 1956
       0097116 roan
     H- 0.0  P- 1.0
Plenty Blue Hancock 1996
       3544867 blue roan
 P- 15.0    AQHA ROM with points earned in heading and heeling.
  Missus Robin 1966
       0457329 chestnut
  War Drift 1966
       0434663 brown
War Chief 1938
       0000279 brown
  Drift Card 1986
       2561498 bay
Brown Beulah 1952
       0038833 brown
  Roan Wire 1978
       1423009 red roan
Happy's Cardinal 1973
       0993037 red roan
    Barbi Wire 1971
       0849245 chestnut
DAM side of pedigree   Watch Joe Romeo 1986
       2451026 chestnut
Watch Joe Jack 1970
       0729175 chestnut
     H- 225.0  P- 201.0
  Mr Joe Jacket 1989
       2874103 chestnut
Bilse's Ginger 1974
       1043178 red dun
  Sparky Jacket 1985
       2344829 sorrel
Sparks Production 1978
       1421712 sorrel
Jackets Lucky Kate 1997
       3760462 sorrel
  Miss Super Jacket 1973
       0941392 bay
  Sonnys Renegade 1980
       1657820 gray
Silver Dee Bar 1973
       0979769 buckskin
  Sonnys Lucky Dell 1985
       2591187 sorrel
Ginger Fleet Bar 1972
       0832842 sorrel
  Lucky Lady Dell 1976
       1213064 chestnut
Leo 3 1964
       0340839 sorrel
95 25 6 3 3 $ 815     
    Nestor's Ace 1960
       0199931 bay


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