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Smokes Lil Dandy

2000 grullo (grulla) mare

3 years old, grass-only diet

Year of Birth Suitability Color Riding Experience Breeding Status
2000 Roping, ranch, broodmare Grullo ~60 rides spread out over the years (trail riding, parades). Riding Horse Only

4 years old

Age 3 (above), on all-pasture diet

leftride02.jpg (14976 bytes)  rightride02.jpg (12044 bytes) dandybutt02.jpg (16168 bytes)
Early spring, 2002, at age 2.  Dandy is riding quietly and carries our tall trainer easily.

dandysire.jpg (13412 bytes)
Dandy's sire. Click the thumbnail to view the full-sized image.

  • Green broke, with 30 days riding as a 2 year old and sporadic riding as a 4 y/o, 15 days as a 6 year old followed by periodic trail riding.  She's a "point and click" mare, and will go anywhere you point her. As of 2010, she does not neck rein (due to infrequent riding) but goes right along where she's pointed. I don't get to ride often, so haven't finished her, but she is the horse I ride when I do get to. Since I only trail ride and ride her once per year in the 4th of July parade, she isn't a finished horse. I rarely ask her to trot, and can't remember the last time I loped her! She is, therefore, only "green broke." She has always been great on the trails except for once in 2013 when she would have been happy to kick a mule that came up behind us on the trail.

  • Really well muscled, foundation and bulldoggy-built mare.

  • Branded on left hip

  • ~15 hh. 

  • Dandy can NOT be used as a broodmare.

  • Dandy had a vaginal tear with her first foal (grullo colt). We bred her again after she healed, and she had complications foaling.

  • In 2013, we finished genetic testing all of our horses. Since Dandy is not a broodmare, she was one of the last tested. We discovered that she is n/P1 for PSSM, and Negative for HERDA, GBED, MH, and HYPP. Because she is n/P1, she should NOT be used as a broodmare (in addition to her previous history with foaling complications). She should be a riding horse only!

  • In the spring of 2010, Dandy got into a large bale of pure alfalfa and had a laminitis episode. She recovered and has been sound ever since.

  • Dandy would do best if ridden consistently (several times per week) and given little or no grain because of being n/P1. A low-sugar diet would be the best plan. She stays fat on hay and pasture, and no grain. Easy keper!


Smokes Lil Dandy
2000 grullo mare

SIRE side of pedigree Mr Commander Jack 1981
       1756592 brown       
Blackjack Rosman 1978
       1420321 black       
Commanders Bulls Eye 1989
       2834091 dun       
Diamond Shodsey 1972
       0867954 buckskin       
Bulls Queen 1974
       1033578 red dun       
Blasted Bull 1965
       0399092 gray       
Bulls Smoke 1996
       3548406 grullo       
Flamingo Queen 1963
       0301020 dun       
Zaydin Star Pine 1976
       1196543 sorrel       
Zaydin's Leo 1963
       0280998 sorrel
     H- 31.0  P- 15.0
Black Velvet Beauty 1990
       2959975 black       
Miss Pine 77 1964
       0318012 sorrel       
Diamond Shodsey 1972
       0867954 buckskin       
Pop's Diamond 1956
       0083438 buckskin       
Shodsey's Girl 1966
       0449855 brown       
DAM side of pedigree Blackjack Rosman 1978
       1420321 black       
Rosman's Jack 1974
       1012155 brown
     H- 0.0  P- 13.0
Mr Commander Jack 1981
       1756592 brown       
Poco Spruce Jane 1971
       0793728 bay       
Diamond Shodsey 1972
       0867954 buckskin       
Pop's Diamond 1956
       0083438 buckskin       
Commanders Lil Missy 1989
       2805066 brown       
Shodsey's Girl 1966
       0449855 brown       
Carries Sunny Boy 1981
       1802094 palomino       
Julio Jack 1976
       1227023 sorrel
     H- 1.0  P- 0.0
Double Eyed Sheena 1985
       2347497 palomino       
Dan's Sunday Girl 1971
       0791368 palomino       
Miss Rika 1972
       0880689 dun       
Mr Gold Jack 1967
       0491676 gray
     H- 0.0  P- 1.0
Paprika's Miss 1967
       0526137 dun       


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