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Red Dun Roan Filly


This filly will look red roan in the summer once she sheds off, and red dun in the winter.
i.e. She will never look like a plain sorrel, as most red roans do in the winter!

August, 2005

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bulletBorn 5/29/2005
bulletThis is a SWEET-dispositioned filly who won't eat grain if a human is around...she'd rather be getting some scratching and pats than eating. To get photos of her, I have to shoo her away and snap the pictures quickly. Luckily, she is gentle and not pushy at all.
bullet"Dipper" is by a grullo roan (blue roan + dun factor) stallion and is out of a blue roan mare, and she's a dandy!
bulletIn the summer, she should look red roan (red head, legs, mane and tail but silvery-roan body), but in the winter she will look like a red dun if in a climate where she gets a winter coat.
bulletDipper ought to be 15.1 to 15.2 hh when mature, though I look for her at the upper end of that scale.
bulletNo white feet, and could be homozygous for roaning in case you're thinking of breeding her after showing and winning in foundation shows, 4-H, rodeo, etc.  She is "aa" for the agouti allele, so will throw blue roans, blacks, and grullos 100% of the time when bred to a homozygous black blue roan, black, or grullo.
bulletDipper's sire has been shown in foundation shows VERY successfully, earning points in Ranch Cutting, Handy Ranch (Trail), Ranch Pleasure, Team Sorting, and Working Ranch Horse. 
bulletLast dewormed 10/8/2005 with Ivermectin.  West Nile and 4-way shots given twice in August and September.
bulletSee www.grullablue.com/sale.htm for pricing information.

Sire's Pedigree:  WYO Blue Chips

Note from early 2005:

"Wyo Blue Chips was named 2004 Nebraska Affiliate High Point Stallion. These points were accumulated at  the 3 Nebraska shows adding both Conformation and Performance points. To date he has stood Grand Champion Aged Stallion 5 times in  Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado. He has also stood Reserve Grand Champion 3 times. He has accumulated over 20 Conformation Points (Halter). In performance he has earned over 40 total performance points in Ranch Cutting, Handy Ranch (trail), Ranch Pleasure, Working Ranch (COW) Horse and Team Sorting."

I haven't done any pedigree research on "Chip," but if you know Hancock, ranch, and roping horse breeding, you'll recognize a TON of these names!

SIRE side of pedigree   Blue Valentine 1956
       0097116 roan
Red Man 1935
       0001685 roan
  Leo Hancock Hayes 1980
       1683157 blue roan
Beauty's Dream 1938
       0001391 black
  Doll 01 1970
       0717186 sorrel
Rip Rip 1961
       0157299 sorrel
Wyo Blue Bonnet 1992   3135976 grullo roan         Zaid a Reed 1964
       0407529 sorrel
  Wyo Kid Curry 1976
       1281044 dun
Rip Rip 1961
       0157299 sorrel
  Mandys Sue Hawk 1981
       1763699 buckskin
Hydel Girl 1962
       0239464 dun
  Blue Hawk 22 1972
       0841841 dun
Plenty Coup 1955
       0059259 dun
    Blue Hawk 11 1963
       0386787 dun

DAM side of pedigree   Gooseberry 1973
       0968815 red roan
Blue Valentine 1956
       0097116 roan
  Plenty Try 1982
       1894414 blue roan
Fox Hastings 1965
       0376183 chestnut
  Heather Dividend 1974
       1052111 brown
Jets Sabre 1970
       0710869 bay
Chuckkar Blue 1988
       2756129 blue roan
  Heather Heller 1968
       0564976 bay
  Mandy's Dart 1957
       0115141 dun
Dart Bar 1953
       0064254 sorrel
  Chuckkar Maid 45 1969
       0685855 dun
Mandy II 1943
       0004975 dun
  Chukkar Maid 1957
       0106911 grullo
Texas Blue Bonnet 1939
       0001141 grullo
    Colleen More 1952
       0057776 sorrel

Dam:  Silver Cake Bar

3849214 1999 blue roan mare

Photo taken near her due date with her first foal...very pregnant!
SIRE side of pedigree Jackie Bee 1962 gray
Stallion Offspring Record: World Champion Offspring. Reserve World Champion Offspring. Superior Halter Offspring. Superior Performance Offspring. AQHA Champion Offspring. ROM Performance Offspring. Halter Point EarnersPerformance Point Earners. AQHA Offspring Record. Total Points Earned: 7,879.5; Reg Foals: 1,009; Number Shown: 268; Point Earners: 197; AQHA IF: $579; Halter Points Earned: 3,913.5; Halter Point Earners: 168; Superior Halter Awards: 12; Performance Points Earned: 3,966; Performance Point Earners: 222; Performance ROMS: 91; Superior
Performance Awards: 8; AQHA Champions: 16; Total Superior Awards: 20; Total ROM's: 91; World Championships: 3; Res World Championships: 4; High Point Wins: 3; Sire of Tee Jay Roman.
Jimmy Mac Bee 1958
       0092825 dun
     H- 1.0  P- 0.0
Stallion Offspring Record: Reserve World Champion Offspring. Superior Halter Offspring. Superior Performance Offspring. AQHA Champion Offspring. ROM Performance Offspring. Halter Point Earners. Performance Point Earners. AQHA Offspring Record. Total Points Earned: 2,932; Reg Foals: 347; Number Shown: 80; Point Earners: 55; Halter Points Earned: 1,079; Halter Point Earners: 49; Superior Halter Awards: 4; Performance Points Earned: 1,853; Performance Point Earners: 57; Performance ROMS: 29; Superior Performance Awards: 10; AQHA Champions: 12; Total Superior Awards: 14; Total ROM's: 29; Res World Championships: 1;
Tee Jay Super Jack 1974  0998246 gray
     H- 2.0  P- 0.0 World Champion Offspring. Reserve World Champion Offspring. Superior Performance Offspring. AQHA High Point Performance Offspring. AQHA Champion Offspring. Quarter Horse Congress Get Winners
ROM Halter Offspring. ROM Performance Offspring. NRHA Money-earners.  AQHA Offspring Record: Total Points Earned: 1,987.5; Reg Foals: 147; Number Shown: 36; Point Earners: 23; Halter Points Earned: 199;  Performance Points Earned: 1,788.5;  Performance ROMS: 13; Superior Performance Awards: 10; AQHA Champions: 2; Total ROM's: 14; World Cha
mpionships: 3; Res World Championships: 2; NRHA Offspr LTE: $24,954. NRHA Offspr Avg Earnings: $24,954
Outstanding Offspring: How D Amos, AQHYA World Champion Equitation Horse, Versatility Champion, How D Mae Bee, World Champion Jr. RN, Sr. RN; Res. World Champion AMT RN
Jackie Diane 1957
       0121218 gray
Roney's Babe 1959
       0100826 bay
Easter Money 1954
       0083892 dun
How D Silver Man 1980
       1581849 gray       
Miss Amber 1941
       0001388 bay       
Montleon 1961
       0194803 bay
     H- 54.0  P- 13.5 Superior Halter, '66 O. AQHA Champion, '68 O. ROM Performance, '66 O. Stallion Offspring Record. Superior Halter Offspring. Superior Performance Offspring. AQHA Champion Offspring .ROM Performance Offspring. Race Money-earners.
AQHA Offspring Record. Total Points Earned: 908.5;  Halter Points Earned: 376; Superior Halter Awards: 3;
Performance Points Earned: 532.5; Performance Point Earners: 32; Performance ROMS: 8; Superior Performance Awards: 1; AQHA Champions: 2; Total Superior Awards: 4; Total ROM's: 8;
Croton Oil 1955
       0058971 sorrel
85 5 1 0 0 $ 770      ROM Performance, '58 Race. Race money-earner. SI: 85; Race: $770; Wins: 1; Stallion Offspring Record. Superior Halter Offspring. Superior Performance Offspring, Race & Arena. AQHA Champion Offspring. ROM Performance Offspring. Race ROM Offspring. Race Money-earners.
AQHA Offspring Record. Total Points Earned: 2,737.5; Reg Foals: 373; Number Shown: 200; Point Earners: 72; Halter Points Earned: 1,915; Halter Point Earners: 70; Superior Halter Awards: 10; Performance Points Earned: 822.5; Performance Point Earne
rs: 46; Performance ROMS: 30; Superior Performance Awards: 2; AQHA Champions: 16; Total Superior Awards: 12; Total ROM's: 30; High Point Wins: 1;Race Earnings: $100,269; Stakes Winners: 4; 90+ ROMS: 19; 100+ ROMS: 2; Race ROMS: 63; Superior Race: 2;
Pam Montleon 1972
       0850290 bay       
Monta Girl 1954
       0047316 dun
Sweet Candy Cane 1961
       0175233 bay
Ben Gib's Ace 1956 by Moores Ace
       0057192 sorrel      H- 15.0  P- 8.0
Hollywood Belle 1957
       0091481 bay       

DAM side of pedigree Roan Bar Go 1978
       1416653 gray       
Fancy Roan Bar 1974
       1044308 red roan 
Stallion Offspring Record. ROM Performance Offspring. Performance Point Earners. AQHA Offspring Record. Total Points Earned: 47; Reg Foals: 213; Number Shown: 7; Point Earners: 5; Performance Points Earned: 47; Performance Point Earners: 9; Performance ROMS: 2;
Roan Bar Dandy 1982
       1947999 gray       
Go Elsie Go 1968
       0562006 gray
14 2 0 0 0 $ 0     
Belle Dandy 1973
       0983005 blue roan       
Bell Boy Bar 1967
       0674024 blue roan       
Blue Cake Bar 1988
       2789922 red roan       
Tom's Roan Baker 1966
       0421460 roan       
Barts Blue Boy Too 1976
       1266427 gray       
Bart's Blue Boy 1968
       0631570 gray
75 14 2 3 2 $ 311     
Cake and Cream 1979
       1545771 black       
Pat Me Pat Star 1970
       0696937 bay       
Kristi Cake 1969
       0652437 bay       
Toad Kuper 1962
       0224657 bay       
Toad Cake 1964
       0394149 brown       

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