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Yahootin Blue Vanzi

Silver Grullo Mare

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Year of Birth Suitability Color Riding Experience Breeding Status
2003 Roping, ranch, trail, broodmare Grullo
Homozygous for dun factor, and possibly for black.
30 days riding
From our trainer: "born broke! Super-easy to train."
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silver grullo quarter horse silver grullo quarter horse

silver grullo quarter horse silver grullo quarter horse

silver grullo quarter horse


4381164 2003 grullo mare

SIRE side of pedigree Blue Valentine 1956
       0097116 roan
     H- 0.0  P- 1.0
Race Get Money-earners. Performance Point Earner Sire. Famous for producing performers in rodeo and honest working ranch horses. 
Red Man 1935
       0001685 roan by Joe Hancock.
85 0 0 0 0 $ 0    H- 0.0  P- 2.0
NCHA money-earner, ROM Performance, '43 Race; '52 ROM. NCHA Get Money-earners, Race Get Money-earners, ROM Performance Sire, Race ROM Sire, Halter Point Earner Sire, Hall of Fame Sire, NCHA
Blues Kingfisher 1977
       1304911 blue roan Bred by Hyde Merritt, WY. Sire of 70% colored foals
Beauty's Dream 1938
       0001391 black
65 4 0 0 1 $ 0     
Missus Robin 1966
       0457329 chestnut
Reedart 1959
       0113936 sorrel

Blue Yahooty Hancock 1996
       3535274 grullo roan.  90% NFQHA. AQHA point-earning offspring. Foals in Europe, US.  High %-age color producer.

Machero 1961
       0181211 chestnut
White Mount 1959
       0119940 dun
45 1 0 0 0 $ 0    H- 16.0  P- 0.0
Music Mount 1944
       0005229 dun
     H- 0.0  P- 7.0
Grand Champion in every halter class he ever entered.  Superior Halter Sire, Superior Performance Sire, AQHA Champion Sire, Race Get Money-earners, ROM Performance Sire, Race ROM Sire, Pedigree, Foals' Achievements
Cutter Jackie 1982
       1896595 dun
Smoky White 1955
       0064635 dun
Jug's Babe 1971
       0809653 bay 18.75% King P-234, but 43.5% King bloodlines
Here's How 1958
       0087296 bay
     H- 0.0  P- 11.0
Jug's Mary Joe 1958
0102686 bay (75% King P234 bloodlines)
DAM side of pedigree My Skip Vanzi 1981
       1803536 palomino
     H- 52.0  P- 0.0
Superior Halter. Top 10 AQHA World Show, PHBA World Champion Equistat Leading Sire.
My Skip Ashwood 1976
       1217736 palomino
     H- 84.0  P- 12.0
Top Ten World Show, '78 8th O 2-Yr-Old HLT; '80 9th O Aged HLT Stallion. Superior Halter, '80 O. Halter Point Earner. Performance Point Earner. ROM Performance, '79 O. Offspring Record: World Champion, PHBA. Top Ten World Show. Superior Halter. AQHA Reserve High Point Halter. AQHA High Point Performance. ROM Performance
Skips Golden Rush 1995
       3355127 palomino Rare Golden Dun Champagne Stallion,  produced over 80% Champagne, Dun, Buckskin and Palomino Foals.  Skips Golden Rush picture
Roan Vanzi 1975
       1105799 red roan
Ima Petite Two 1988
       2747244 sorrel 25 halter points and pleasure points, according to Skips Golden Rush owner
Watch Tyree 1977
       1347123 buckskin  Full brother to 
Watch Tyree Two

Ima Golden Cherokee 1998
       3751905 grullo

Splash Petite 1977
       1318960 sorrel
Yellow Bar Pal 1977
       1349531 blue roan
Devil Bar Pal 1974
       1046594 blue roan
42 2 0 0 0 $ 0     
Bar Zan Blue 1992
       3091265 blue roan
Yellow Tippy 1964
       0427441 dun
Zansabar 1976
       1258666 grullo
Classy Son 1969
       0613190 dun
Carol's Princess 1967
       0499143 sorrel

Cher's Foals

Grullo colt, grullo filly, grullo roan colt, grullo roan filly.

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