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Coloring outside the lines"
 by putting together quality, conformation, athleticism, breeding, and unique colors!



blue roan


blue roan plus grullo combination





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    Grulla filly's dorsal view  


We have been very selective and purchased quarter horse stallions and  mares with conformation, soundness and great attitudes at the top of the list of requirements.  These horses carry proven successful bloodlines in cutting, reining, roping, and working.  You'll find multi-generation ownership here...when we find a horse we love, we will try to keep that horse's bloodlines within our herd. We have multiple generations of a couple of our lines right here, and we plan to keep it that way. Over time, we'll see more and more of that. But we can't keep them ALL, so we do offer even some of the best for sale.

When we can't rasie what we want, we work hard to buy it. For example, Rawhide Whiz (one of our junior stallions) is simply the best-bred performance grullo we've ever seen.  We didn't buy him for his color!  And we didn't buy or keep our other breeding stock for the color.  It is the overall picture of conformation, disposition, pedigree, and color that we evaluate in all of our horses. 


Our foals are raised in a family atmosphere, in pastures with green grass and room to run.  We don't push our babies to grow by feeding a lot of grain, as our goal is to produce sound horses for life.  We select and breed our horses to have correct legs and good hooves to ensure that our foals will follow suit. 

Check out our mare herd. You'll notice correct legs and strong hooves holding up those gorgeous horses. As a former farrier, Toni "has a thing" about correct legs, and that shows through in our program.


Add color in that mix, and we can make about any cowboy or cowgirl happy!  Our stallions are chosen for their dispositions, conformation, and breeding out of a LARGE pool of colored candidates.  I can assure you that I need to buy a new chair because this one is worn out from all the hours I spend researching pedigrees, offspring reports, and contacting owners via the Internet!  Speaking of color...What is a grullo roan?  See our late stallion's web page or his Offspring page for several examples.  Blue Yahooty Hancock (Hootie) produced a very high percentage of color for us,  including some grullo roans. You'll also find some nice educational articles about color here.


We are honest people who care more about your happiness than about making a buck.  You'll find a lot of foals being sold based upon false claims of certain color and conformation, but you won't hear that from us.  We will share flaws with you in addition to strengths on any horse we sell. How many other breeders do that?     

We disclose what we know about all of our horses for sale. If a mare has ever been a kicker at the feed bunk, we'll tell you that. If a horse is hard to catch, we'll tell you that, too. You'll know what the latest ultrasound results were, how a stallion behaves at breeding, or anything else that you might want or need to know if you're considering buying from us.

We also won't claim that a stallion is always like a gelding to you, as some breeders will. First of all, if a stallion does NOT act like a gelding when no mares are around, you need to run the other way from that stallion.  If a breeder claims that his stallion acts like a gelding all the time...you need to run from that breeder, who is most likely full of you know what. Stallions are stallions...when no mares are around, they should act like geldings. When mares are around (especially in-heat mares), they should take notice. It is up to the handler/trainer to make sure that they behave. If a stallion behaves with normal handling even when around mares, then he has a disposition to be proud of. If he doesn't behave with proper handling, his owner should not claim that he does behave.  

I know of stallion owners that have been hurt by their stallions (we're talking broken bones and/or stitched up owners here!) that claim that their stallions have calm dispositions and are easy to work with...scoring them a 3 out of 10 on a disposition scale (3 being the calm end of the scale).  What?  That's not honesty.

Ask us about our stallions or visit their web pages...we'll tell you what they're like from season to season.


This site was set up for you.  We know that searching for and finding the RIGHT horse is a time-consuming and energy-draining endeavor.  We want to give you information in an easy-to-find manner to help your process go more smoothly, and ENOUGH information to reduce your time spent trying to make decisions on horses.   


There is no excuse for accepting the status quo when it isn't perfect.  We are always trying to improve our horses, our care, our handling, and our program as a whole.  How?  Well...we've followed all three of the methods of learning below.  We read. We observe. We learn by doing.

“There are three kinds of men.
The one that learns by reading.
The few who learn by observation.
The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”  
Will Rogers

Click here to view our horses for sale.

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