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Daltons Queen Chic

1996 black granddaughter of Peponita

Chic has seasonal brindle striping. The photo on the right was taken with the camera flash on.

Chic being brushed with no halter or leadrope while eating (2008).
She loves a good brushing, and is no longer afraid of people.
She is, however, hard to catch without grain.

Year of Birth Suitability Color Experience Breeding Status
1996 Broodmare
Pasture or live cover
Ee, aa
Broodmare Check our yearly Foal Pages (click appropriate year) for breeding status.

Offered for Sale!

We are offering Chic for sale because we feel she would be best placed where she would be live covered (we want to only collect and AI our mares). In 2008, we did put her with a stallion to pasture breed, but we don't want to do that in the future. She would probably be fine to AI, but since I collect and breed ALONE without help, I prefer to not AI Chic.

bulletAQHA Granddaughter of Peponita, NCHA Hall of Fame and World Champion cutting horse.
bulletChic is probably around 15 hh.
bullet12 out of the 14 horses on her papers earned points and/or won money!
bulletChic HAS been DNA tested and verified by AQHA's testing lab.
bulletBefore we bought her, Chic was used to raise Paints. Click here to see her APHA offspring records. She has also had at least one black and white APHA foal after this report (2004).
bulletStands tied, has had a leg hosed that had a cut.  Smart mare who just needed a chance to prove she was a good one.
bulletChic has never pulled back when we've tied her, so she can be live covered when tied.  We've also pasture bred her.

Scar on right front heel (see photos) and a scar on a forearm that is haired over.


This mare is a nice combination of speed and cow breeding, and she shows it!  It is a darned shame that she was never broke and used, because she is incredibly athletic.


Chic has done an amazing amount of growth in trusting humans in the last couple years. I can climb over the fence right next to her while she eats and brush/pet her without a halter/leadrope on. I've never tried to pick up her hooves.  She likes to be brushed, but I just don't think she's 100% confident with people yet.

bulletHalter broke and loads in a trailer easily, but has mainly not been handled much in her life. Likes to be petted, but was scared of people unless they moved slowly and won her trust when we bought her.  Now, she always wears a sweet expression (I swear...a different mare than when she came!) but is still hard to catch without feed. 
bulletI can rub all over her head and face, and brush her whole body.  I've never picked up her feet or brushed her tail, but she would probably accept it if I went slowly.  Update, 2008: Chic now lets me catch her without grain sometimes, even loose in the pasture. She probably would not do this for just anyone, as she has learned to trust me. But if her new owner gained her trust, I am sure Chic would enjoy a new friend.

Note:  Chic gets VERY thin around foaling time and during nursing. 


Because Chic is hard to catch, we will not sell her to an overseas home.

Hours after foaling in 2008 on grass hay and oat diet. She is nice and fat until she is nursing a foal.

This is how thin Chic can get while nursing. The more grain we give her, the thinner she seems to get.

Chic is chipper, happy, energetic, and just acts like she feels wonderful!  She was on an alfalfa/grass mix hay and no grain in the winter, and stays  fat and healthy looking all winter.  The rest of the year, she is on a plain grass pasture or mostly grass hay. It's just when she is nursing a foal that she drops the weight so badly. However, a month or two after weaning, she is again slick and rapidly returning to or at her normal weight.


    Peppy San 1959
0114978 sorrel      H- 26.0  P- 180.0 Hall of Fame, NCHA & AQHA, World Champion, '67 NCHA O, Superior Performance, '65 O CUT, AQHA High Point Performance Horse, '67 CUT Stallion; '67 3rd HI.Pt. CUT horse, AQHA Champion, '63 O, ROM Performance, '62 O, NCHA money-earner ($49,478), COA Bronze Silver, Halter Point Earner, Hall of Fame Offspring, NCHA & AQHA, World Champion Offspring: Reserve World Champion Offspring, Top Ten World Show Offspring
Leo San 1949       0020113 sorrel      H- 0.0  P- 1.0 NCHA $ earner, Hall of Fame Offspring, NCHA & AQHA, World Champion Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, Race ROM Offspring, NCHA Money-earners,, $209,153.21, Race Money-earners, Halter Point Earners, Performance Point Earners
  Peponita 1969
0605028 black
H- 0.0  P- 74.0
Hall of Fame, NCHA, World Champion, '77 NCHA O; '77 O Sr CUT; '78 O Sr CUT; '79 NCHA O, NCHA Finals, '76 1st O Finals; '77 1st O Finals; '79 1st Non-Pro Finals, Top Ten World Show, '75 4th NCHA O World Show; '76 3rd O Sr CUT; Superior Performance, '78 O CUT, ROM Performance, '73 O, NCHA money-earner, COA Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, World Champion.  Points in Cutting and Western Pleasure (15).  Offspring: Reserve World Champion Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring
Peppy Belle 1955
       0054365 sorrel  Hall of Fame Offspring, AQHA & NCHA World Champion Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NCHA Money-earners, Halter Point Earners 
  Bonita Tivio 1955
0065940 bay  H- 8.0  P- 48.0 NCHA COA, Hall of Fame Offspring, NCHA, World Champion Offspring, AQHA & NCHA, NCHA Finals Offspring, 1st, Superior Performance Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NCHA Money-earners
Poco Tivio 1947
0017396 bay    H- 12.0  P- 19.0 Top Ten World Show, '51 5th NCHA O; '52 5th NCHA O, AQHA Champion, '52, ROM Performance, '51, NCHA money-earner, COA Bronze, Superior Performance Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NCHA Money-earners
Peppys Dandy Star 1986  2484985 black, own son of Peponita   Pepper Girl 1944
 0005030 chestnut 
  My Dandy Bob 1960       0227031 sorrel 95 13 1 3 2 $ 1,492    H- 31.0  P- 1.0  (Race Pt (5), Halter Pt (31), Western Pleasure Pt earner, Grand (11), Reserve (10), Race ROM) Bar Bob 1953
0056698 chestnut
95 71 12 8 16 $ 11,143    H- 32.0  P- 5.0
AQHA Champion, '59 O, ROM Performance, '55 Race; '59 O, Race money-earner
  Friendly Doll 1969       0707711 sorrel  H- 2.0  Halter Point Earner. Dandy Doll 1948
0026556 chestnut
85 21 5 2 3 $ 876    H- 0.0  P- 1.5
Hall of Fame Offspring, AQHA, Superior Halter Offspring
AQHA High Point Halter Offspring, AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, Race ROM Offspring, Race Money-earners, Performance Point Earners
  Friendly Buff 1963
0294821 chestnut. Dam of AQHA point earner(s)   
Star Buff 1959
0186935 bay
85 12 3 0 3 $ 2,198    H- 2.0  P- 1.0
    Doll's Cookie 1958  0109925 sorrel    
    Three Chicks 1959
0150624 brown 100 10 3 2 1 $ 22,624    H- 23.0  P- 2.0 AQHA Champion, '66 O, ROM Performance, '61 Race, Grand (5), Halter Pt (23), Western Pleasure Pt (2), AQHA Ch, Race ROM). World Champion Offspring, Race, Reserve World Champion Offspring, Arena, Superior Halter Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, Race & Arena, AQHA Champion Offspring, Race ROM Offspring, NCHA Money-earners
Three Bars (TB) 1940      T0065983 chestnut  AQHA Hall of Fame, Hall of Fame Offspring, AQHA & NSBA, Supreme Champion Offspring, World Champion Offspring, Race, Superior Halter Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, Race, AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring
  Dee Bar Chick 1968
0557567 black 96 19 8 6 4 $ 6,512 Race money earner Race Pt (26) earner, Race ROM)
Chicado V 1950
0029689 brown
100 6 3 1 1 $ 5,215  
World Champion, '52 2-Yr-Old Race Filly, ROM Performance, RC, Race money-earner, World Champion Offspring, Race, AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, Race ROM Offspring, Race Money-earners, Halter Point,  Earners
  Miss Diamond Dee 1961 0243739 sorrel 95 12 8 1 1 $ 3,251  ROM Performance, RC, Race money-earner  Diamond 2 Bar 1955
0069525 chestnut
95 36 5 7 9 $ 15,020
ROM Performance, '57 Race, Race money-earner
Chicks Wonder 1977
1294307 black 70 8 0 0 0  Race money earner
  Twinkle Miss 1952
0046213 sorrel
H- 4.0  P- 0.0
  Mr Wonder Man 1962
0216651 sorrel 100 14 4 6 2 $ 4,873 New Track Record Setter, Race ROM  
Go Man Go 1953
0082000 roan
100 47 27 9 3 $ 86,151
Hall of Fame, '90 AQHA Inductee, World Champion, '55 RC; '56 RC; '58 RC + numerous other World Championships, Superior Performance, '57 RC, Race money-earner, '57 High Money Earning Horse  World Champion Offspring, Race, Superior Halter Offspring, Superior Performance Offspring, Race and Arena, AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring
  Tri Wonder 1972
 0878359 bay 77 5 0 3 0 $ 60
Race money earner
Charming Lady 1951  0051527 sorrel
85 26 1 4 3 $ 1,961     
  Leo Joe's Jackie 1960
0175451 bay 75 3 0 0 1 $ 51
Race money earner.
Leo Joe 1951
0030833 bay
75 30 3 3 2 $ 1,718
ROM Performance, '54 Race, Race money-earner
    Freddy Jack 1946
0033750 dun

Pedigree research via Del Mar Pedigree Query and aqha.com

Chic's Foals:

"Turbo," Sorrel, 2005

"Ribbon," Black, 2006

"Kittie," Black, 2008

2009 Grullo Colt


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