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Music Mount

Orren Mixer painting of Music Mount, 1955

Blue Yahooty Hancock's maternal great-grandsire was Music Mount.  As I've been hearing from people with Music Mount horses, I have begun to realize that he is an unsung hero of the horse world.  Never have I had people contact me about a single horse on any of my horses' pedigrees like I've been experiencing with Music Mount!

So, I'm dedicating a page to all of us who are enjoying his legacy in their own horses.  This page is definitely a work in progress, because I am glad to add info as people share it with me. For many years, after we lost "Hootie," I let this page sit idle. I wish now that I had shared the stories that were shared with me instead of letting them go by the wayside due to our loss of our stallion!

bulletMusic Mount was bred by J.W. Shoemaker in Watrous, New Mexico  
bulletBorn 1944, died 1970
bulletBought by Helen and Herman Snyder in 1946 
bulletStayed on the Ranch in Pendelton, Oregon  from 1946 to his death in 1970, except for periods of cutting horse training in Ellensburg, Washington  
bulletHe died in his corral of heart attack, moments after breeding  his final mare  
bulletHe earned the performance register of merit in Cutting
bulletGrand Champion in every halter class he ever entered (unverified...from a Music breeder)
bullet406 registered foals 
bulletSuperior Halter Sire
bulletSuperior Performance Sire
bulletAQHA Champion Sire
bulletRace Get Money-earners
bulletROM Performance Sire
bulletRace ROM Sire
bulletClick here for his Pedigree
bulletClick here to view his Foals' Achievements
bulletMusic Mount was bred to some mares from someone's bucking string at one time, and their offspring (though few in number) created a perception with some people that the MM line is "broncy." While that may be true of some of those offspring, such as the foals he sired out of Music Maiden, it is definitely not true of all MM horses.


Age 3

Age 4


Music's Grandsire, Brush Mount (by Chimney Sweep)

For years, we have received e-mails from people that knew Music Mount and/or his owners. Lacking the foresight to save those notes, we deleted the e-mails after thanking the senders and talking about Music Mount. Now, we wish we'd saved those. So, beginning now, we will open this page up to serve as a memory book for this great stallion! E-mail us if you have experience with Music Mount or his direct offspring that would be of value for people to know. Thanks!

Thanks to all who have sent pictures and information about this fantastic horse!


Hello Music Mount memory keepers,

My brother, Herb, sent me an email saying he had contacted you with Herman and Helen Snyder memories. I remember them having a small bedroom sized room in their home that was chuck-ablock full of purple and blue ribbons, trophies, awards, and championship cups from showing Music Mount. Our Dad built a steel pipe breeding framework to prevent mares from kicking and damaging Music Mount. Herb was helping Herman during wheat harvest when Herman stopped the machines to meet with some people who had driven in from the Mid-West with a mare to breed to Music Mount. Helen brought lunch out to the crew. Later, Herman returned with a case of cold beer saying he'd made more money with Music Mount than he could possible make harvesting that day. So they all celebrated that afternoon.

Our family was close to Herman and Helen. There are a zillion stories. It always warms me when I come across a Music Mount references. Music Mount progeny appeared for decades all over the Northwest Horse Race circuit. Thank you for keeping these special memories alive.

Yours, Tony Cargill

Way back in 1955 or 1956 my family was headed from Gearhart, OR to Yellowstone park on vacation.  My friend, also a young horse owner/rider accompanied us.  We begged my parents to stop at Snyder's ranch in Pendleton so we could see Music Mount.  They did.
As we got out of the car at the ranch, a man  rode a buckskin horse on the dirt road toward us.   He stopped as we approached him.  "We came to see Music Mount," we said.  He grinned at us, slapped his horse on its neck and said, "Well, here he is, old Buck himself!  We're just going to do some cutting with him.  Climb up on that fence and watch."  We watched from the fence in awe as that horse worked the Hereford cattle.  It was a scene I remember vividly how, some 60 years later--the blue sky, the colorful cattle, that magnificent golden horse--what a sight! Later Mr. Snyder showed us Cookie Mount and Snyder's Champ and we asked him how much it cost to buy a Music Mount offspring.  He said they were always cheaper for young girls!
When we returned to the car we suddenly realized that the new movie camera that had been purchased for this trip was lying on the back seat--forgotten in the excitement -- never recording that once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Nancy B



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