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Gay Bar Buzz


1982 brown stallion

Photos at 23 years of age


Own son of Gay Bar KingGay Bar King information:  Equi-Stat Offspring LTE CUT Earnings: $422,634.  NCHA money earner Race earner. ROM Performance & Performance Point Earner. Stallion Sire Record: Reserve World Champion Sire / Superior Halter Sire. Superior Performance Sire.  AQHA Champion Sire. NCHA Get earners.  ROM Performance Sire. Race ROM Sire.  Stallion Rankings - A Top Stallion Ranked By: All-Time Offspring Lifetime Cutting Earnings, All-Time Offspring Lifetime Average Cutting Earnings


SIRE side of pedigree Percentage (TB) 1923 T0153140 chestnut Midway (TB) 1914 T0153138 chestnut
Three Bars (TB) 1940      T0065983 chestnut  Hall of Fame, '89 AQHA InducteeStallion Offspring Record. Hall of Fame Offspring, AQHA & NSBA. Supreme Champion Offspring. World Champion Offspring, Race. Superior Halter Offspring. Superior Performance Offspring, Race. AQHA Champion Offspring
ROM Performance Offspring, Race ROM Offspring, Race Money-earners
Gossip Avenue (TB) 1918  T0153137 chestnut
Myrtle Dee (TB) 1923 T0153139 black Luke McLuke (TB) 1911 T0153136 n/a       
Gay Bar King 1958 75 4 1 0 0 $ 151    H- 13.0  P- 6.0 Sire of earners of over $422,000 in cutting. Reserve World Champion Sire / Superior Halter Sire. Superior Performance Sire.  AQHA Champion Sire. NCHA Get earners.  ROM Performance Sire. Race ROM Sire. Civil Maid (TB) 1915 T0153135 bay  
King 1932   0000234 bay
Hall of Fame, '89 AQHA Inductee. Stallion Offspring Record. Hall of Fame Offspring, AQHA & NRHA. Superior Halter Offspring. Superior Performance Offspring. AQHA Champion Offspring. ROM Performance Offspring. Race Money-earners. Halter Point Earners. Performance Point Earners
Zantanon U0081745 n/a  
Gay Widow 1950
0029057 sorrel 45 1 0 0 0 $ 0    H- 105.0  P- 16.0 '53 O AQHA Champ.; '54 O Superior HLT;
Jabalina U0072570 n/a       
Happy Gal 1944       0005645 sorrel Graves Peeler 1939       0001580 sorrel       
Little Gal 1931 0005653 bay  

DAM side of pedigree Scooter S 1943
0005000 bay 45 1 0 0 1 $ 0 AQHA Champion Offspring. ROM Performance Offspring    
Silver King 1937 0000183 bay by AQHA Hall of Fame stallion Old Sorrel. Superior Performance Offspring, Race. AQHA Champion Offspring, ROM Performance Offspring, NCHA Money-earners, Halter Point Earners, Performance Point Earners
Scooter Buzz 1957
0064222 dun  H- 16.0  P- 74.0
Scar Face S 1935 0005863 brown
Giddens' Bess 1952
       0045329 bay  H- 1.0  P- 0.0
Buzz McCue 1943       0003420 sorrel
Chiqueta Bess 1978  1464220 bay Millie Gal 1944 0046411 bay
Tony King Lad 1966
       0418963 bay  H- 0.0  P- 2.0
Bueno Lad 1958 0094052 bay  H- 0.0  P- 22.0
Duchess Mix 1970
       0752801 bay
King's Clarity 1962
0227118 bay       
Chiqueta Mix 1964
       0302703 palomino       
El Plaudit 1954 0075469 palomino 85 40 6 3 5 $ 2,415     
Blondie Mix 1954
       0146912 palomino       

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