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Shipping Companies

US Shipping Companies     International Shippers

If you need a horse shipped from Iowa to your home, please check out these shippers.  We do not endorse any of these shippers in particular, but do know of some good experiences that customers of ours have had.

If you know of a good shipper that isn't listed, please share your shipper with us! 

In searching for the right shipper for you, we recommend that you ask questions such as these:

  • For Foals/Weanlings: Will they travel in a loose stall with a divider to the floor? Tying is NOT recommended for young horses!

  • How often do they transport horses (in case they only do one per month)? 

  • Do they travel two people at a time (to help load/unload and monitor horses)?  

  • What kind/size of stalls do the horses have? 

  • Do they unload horses from the trailer during the journey, and if so, how often?

  • Are they fed and watered during the trip, and if so, how often? 

  • Do they offer shipping insurance, and if not, who can they recommend that you obtain insurance through?

  • Are they DOT licensed?

The answers to these questions will affect price, but you can pick the shipper you are most comfortable with if you evaluate these answers.  Also, see if they have a written contract or guarantee, especially about how often the horses are checked, unloaded, fed, etc. and if you want assurance of liability on their part for problems.

U. S./North American Shipping Companies

We have not used each and every one of these shippers,
so can't offer advice or warranty to each of their service quality.

This list is only here as a reference to help people FIND shipping companies.
It is up to individuals to investigate a hauler's reputation.

Do NOT call us to complain about a company on this list if you are having a problem.
We are not affiliated with any of these transporting agents,
and won't be able to help you resolve your problem.

  • We have not used all these shippers, so can't offer advice or warranty to their service quality. This is simply a list of shippers we have heard of.

  • Shippers we have used fairly recently are noted with an * by the name.

  • Note that from time to time, phone numbers, e-mail address, and web addresses change. If you can't reach one of these, try a search on the 'net to see if more current information comes up.

*JCM Hauling https://www.facebook.com/JCMHauling/ (660) 734-4937 Missouri

*EK's Equine Services Eberhard Kissing ek.equine@gmail.com 480-291-2333 https://www.facebook.com/eks.equine.services/?hc_ref=SEARCH  Seeks offloading nightly if possible (possibly always finds an overnight offloading place). Texts updates in the evening.  Greenville, Texas

*SFE Equine Transport http://sfefarms.com/ DOT 2369346 Nationwide Transport. Shirley  262 470-5672 (booking) Frank 920 470-1384. Missouri. Mostly box stalls, slants available as well.

*Darby's Horse Transport http://www.darbyshorsetransport.com/  Horse professionals for over 30 years. Texas. 903-388-6934 drb44ranch@yahoo.com

*Slapaho Trucking Lorna Revord  Twining, Michigan  989-305-2996 lornarevord@yahoo.com

*Triple H Horse Transport, western US or nationwide. (Oklahoma) http://www.quarterh.com/tripleh.htm e-mail htransport@earthlink.net  800-799-1017 

*Trailhead Trucking,     Wyoming  307-856-0397   307-851-9619 cell. www.trailheadmorgans.com       barrettmorgans@wyoming.com

Dusty Gilder, MO http://www.dustygilder.com/ Nationwide Horse Transport

Hidden Valley Equine     972-551-0451 (Bev, scheduling) or 662-435-0093 (Dennis, on road).  Dennis McGee  Columbus, Mississippi hiddenvalleyequine@gmail.com or WhoaDamItWhoaaa@msn.com   Unload every night.  DOT# 2058727, MC/ICC# 720462

PurePleasureHorseTransport http://www.purepleasurehorsefarm.com/transport.htm  Located in Missouri, serving the lower 48 plus Alaska. Slant load AND box stalls available!     office 573-437-3113      mobile 573-259-3547   email pphtransport@yahoo.com

Creech Horse Transportation  http://www.creechhorsetransportation.com/  Ohio  Nationwide and Canada. mike@creechhorsetransportation.com

D & D Horse Transport David & Angel Vierra Cell: (209) 568-6624 Fax: (209) 881-0603 California. In business for 30 years! References available.  www.ddhorsetransport.com EquineTransports@aol.com

SS Livestock    Iowa   Stacy Soper 515 250 3080 sslivestock@gmail.com 

Traveling Horse Request quotes from many transporters at once, or pick from their list. This site indicates that they remove transporters with poor reputations from their list. Still, be cautious. http://www.travelinghorse.com/Transport_Companies.html

Find A Hauler  Another one stop quote request location, where your specifics are made available to multiple haulers. http://www.findahauler.com/horse_transport_quotes.htm

Haulin' All Horses  www.haulinallhorses.com  One-stop quote requests from multiple hauling companies

Horse Transport Quote Request http://www.i-announce.net/IAN/load.phtml?id=ehsnew   E-mail them details, and they forward your request to multiple haulers to obtain free quotes for you.

Sears Equine Transport Guy Sears Georgia, travels U.S. and Canada Home: 706-783-2305 Cell: 706-202-9431 GuySears@aol.com

Black Shire Horse Transport http://www.blackshireequestrian.com/BlackshireEquineTransport.html Based in Minnesota.  Extra-large (Warmblood-sized) stalls with to-the-floor dividers. Monthly Runs to the West Coast, East Coast and the South. Local Runs; Special Hauls and Dedicated Hauls Are Available Also.

Cowboy Express Horse Transportation www.cowboyexpress.net 307-851-0929     406-655-2276   1-800-982-1930  cowboyexpresswy@yahoo.com

Sierra Horse Transport        Oklahoma  http://www.4mranchworks.itgo.com/   405-641-2562  Wayne.

Circle S Horse Transport http://www.circleshorse.com/

Okoboji Equine Transportation,     Iowa. Tel: 515-202-2596 - Weekly trips to Kentucky

Equine Express (800) 545-9098 (940) 365-9098 Pilot Point, Texas

Horsein' Around.  Coast to Coast, 2x monthly. 800-234-4675 http://www.horseinaroundinc.com/   horseinaroundinc@yahoo.com

Montana Express Horse Transport  www.montanaexpresshorsetransport.com 866-325-0108 or 406-670-0807  Nationwide transport.  Experienced horsemen driving.

Rorick Horse Hauling.     Minnesota.  Frequent trips to Texas, and trips elsewhere as well.  http://www.rorickshorsehauling.com/  1-800-293-1740 ext. 14 Or Phone: 320-275-2089 Fax: 320-275-5339

Mitchell's Horse Hauling Locator Service One-stop quote requests from multiple hauling companies 530-365-2661   Your Horses' Travel Agent  www.horsehauling.com  contact@horsehauling.com

BWD Equine Services  http://bwdequineservices.com/  Based in Canada

Grand Champion Horse Transportation  www.grand-champion.com   Lower 48 of the United States and parts of Western Canada. We want horse transporting to be stress-free for you and your horse.

2RJ Ranch and Horse Transport.  765-520-7165,  765-623-5450

Pride of the Fleet Transport http://www.prideofthefleet.com/HorseTransportation.html  (616) 540-3447

Family Tradition Horse Transport   D.J. & Shannon Bush   RR 5 Box 597   McLoud, OK 74851 405-964-4348-Office hours 8am-9pm 405-301-3475-Cell 405-496-1696-Cell

Schrodt Horse Express LLC  Beaver Crossing, NE.  Phone 402-532-2803 or cell 402-770-8042.

3 Bar L Transport. http://www.3barlhorsetransport.com   800-982-2208. 940-325-2775 or 940-468-9331. We also work with Exporting!

Bob Hubbard Transporthttp://www.bobhubbardhorsetrans.com/index.html  

Worley's Hauling, Coast-to-Coast Equine Transport. Located in Kentucky. http://www.worleyshauling.com/

Los Locos; www.loslocosequineservices.com 

Gary Foreman Transport.  Elbert, COhttp://foremanranch.com  800-576-3446

4M Horse Transportation.  http://www.HCSCOA.freeservers.com  (541)420-1207 Email  Horsemover@netzero.com Air ride van services for track, show & personal.

Bill Egbert Horse Transport http://www.nhdid.com/egberttrans/ U.S. West Coast, across country, and British Columbia.

Triple H Horse Transport, western US or nationwide. (Oklahoma) http://www.quarterh.com/tripleh.htm e-mail htransport@earthlink.net  800-799-1017 

All Points Horse Transportation  705-328-1492 all-points@cogeco.ca We ship coast to coast and all points north to south. http://allpointshorsetransport.com

Horse Haven Transport; St. Louis, Missouri  

Horses on Course, St. Louis, Missouri.  

Catherine Hadley;  Ottawa, IL  (815) 431-1632

Double Diamond Horse Transportation.  Video surveillance, nationwide transport.  Utah.  801-754-5147  801-376-7803

Pinnacle Farms Transport  (internet domain name expired...search the 'net for this one)

McDonald's Horse Transportation.  30 years experience.  800-439-4232

Three-Way Horse Transportation.  800-700-7448

L&L Transport.  785-243-1785

Cowboy Express.  Nationwide.  Montana.  800-982-1930

Doug Shook Horse Transport http://www.dougshook.com/horsetransport/  West coast hauls and periodic coast to coast hauls. 541-961-0761 deshook@eoni.com

Nation-Wide Horse Transportation, Inc., Colorado Springs.  719-392-1888  http://www.nwht.net 

All State Horse Express; Colorado Springs, CO 1-800-451-7696 Email: Quotes@allstatehorseexpress.com   www.Allstatehorseexpress.com  Coast to coast every 1 1/2 - 2 weeks

D2 Horse Transport  Greg Dickson, 800-248-2645

International Shipping Companies

  • We have not used all these shippers, so can't offer advice or warranty to their service quality. This is simply a list of shippers we have heard of.

  • Shippers we have used fairly recently are noted with an * by the name.

  • Note that from time to time, phone numbers, e-mail address, and web addresses change. If you can't reach one of these, try a search on the 'net to see if more current information comes up.

*NedPoint Quarter Horses, Inc. http://www.nedpointquarterhorses.com Rt.1, Box 95, Pauls Valley, OK 73075 USA phone: 405 238 9624 fax: 405 238 6330 E-mail: nedpohorse@aol.com  Nedpoint may not offer quarantine and transport any longer. Please update me if you know. Irmgard does have an international transport consulting offering. irmgardgeul@gmail.com

*EMO Trans http://www.emotrans.com/emo-usa/emo-live-animal-transport/index.htm Houston, Texas  horses@emo.de

Equiflight http://equiflight.com Valley View, Texas. Online quote request form is available on their web site.

PuntaCi Ranch Gainsville, TX http://puntaciranch.com/transportation.htm

Blue Rein Ranch, Florida  http://www.bluereinranch.com/ Serving Central and South America. Also, weekly flights to/from Europe.

Circle S Horse Transport,  Texas

Doyles Transport http://www.doylebloodstock.com/air_trans.html

William J. Barnes Agency, Inc. Westfield, New Jersey  http://www.wjbagency.com/  sales@wjbagency.com (001) 908 232-7650,  (001) 908 789 0706 fax

Lawrence Bishop Ranch http://www.lbranch.com/international.php

World Pet Transport http://www.worldpettravel.com/horses/

Triton International  (ask for Diane)   516-922-9185 

Considine Farm,  Lexington, KY  859-293-1470

Horse Canada 





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