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Example of Board Fees

Example for a foal reserved/purchased before weaning:

  • October: For the first 4 weeks following weaning, there is no charge. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume this covers through October.

  • November: $50

  • December: $70

  • January: $90

  • February: $100

  • March: $120

  • April: $150

  • May: $200

  • You probably see the progression here.

    This is NOT because we want to earn money.

    It is because we can't keep excessive numbers of horses.

    We simply don't have room, and need to use our facilities for our own mares/foals/stallions.

The fee per month increases because we don't have room or shelter for weanlings through the winter, or the time to continue training them. We are not a boarding facility or a training facility. When weanlings are left with us all winter long, we end up having to put many hours into them for continued handling training, and this was not included in the price when the foal was sold.

By March, we have to bring mares in for foaling and breeding. This displaces yearlings to small "dry lots" which will actually be "muddy lots" throughout the spring. We do NOT feel this is in the best interest for horses. In addition, due to the location of the lots, our chores are greatly increased. Therefore, we have to insist that horses not stay with us for an extended period of time after being purchased/reserved.

It is in your best financial interest to finish paying for and transport your foal home in a timely manner.

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