Shipped Semen

Stallion Services Contract for Cooled Transported Semen

Please complete the form below (either click and type answers or print and hand write), then print and mail to
Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses, c/o Toni Perdew, 3005 Lexington Ct., Bedford, IA  50833

with appropriate fees and photocopies.

This certifies that hereinafter referred to as Mare Owner, has ordered one breeding to ,
for the 2009 season at $ for the following Mare:

Name of Mare:

Approximate (anticipated) Breeding Date


1. With return of this contract, Mare Owner must furnish Stallion Owner/Station with a photocopy of the mare's Certificate of Registration.
2. BOOKING FEE: A $150.00 Booking Fee is due upon receipt of this contract. The booking fee is nonrefundable.
3. a. The Stallion Breeding Fee (including booking fee)

b.  Collection and Shipping Fees (each collection): 
  1. $250 payable to Toni Perdew/Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses per collection in May and June.
  2. Semen may be collected/shipped directly by/from Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses, or may be collected/shipped by our veterinarian.
  3. Collection fees may be slightly different in July, as stallions may be located at a semen processing center having semen frozen for long-term storage.
  4. Semen will be shipped directly to a veterinarian unless otherwise agreed upon. Semen MUST be handled appropriately to prevent damage, and should be used immediately. Shipping containers will not keep semen cool indefinitely. Shipping companies may not ship on weekends/holidays.

ALL SHIPPED SEMEN AND STUD FEES MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO SHIPPING  Fees must be paid 14+ days prior to collection via certified check/money order, or at least 48 hours prior if by wire transfer or credit card. Any outstanding unpaid bills owed by Mare Owner to Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses will result in the holding of the foal’s Breeders Certificate.  The Mare Owner shall be responsible for any reasonable attorney fees and court costs if necessary to collect an unpaid account.

4. Mare Owner may provide an Equitainer for shipment if so desired.
5. Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses  is not responsible for untimely delivery or condition of the cooled semen, as we have no control of conditions/travel after shipment leaves our facility or veterinarian's facility. Mare Owner and veterinarian must exercise care in handling the semen to prevent damage.
6. NOTIFICATION TO CEDAR RIDGE QUARTER HORSES OF IMPENDING ORDER: I understand that I must comply with the following:

a. Coordinate all semen shipments in advance.

b. Notify Stallion Owner when mare comes into heat, or no later than 48 hours prior to needing a shipment. (best if both by e-mail and phone, 712-370-0851 or 712-523-3646)

c. Notify Cedar Ridge QH's by noon  the day before needing shipment to cancel or to confirm. If semen is being collected and shipped from our vet, we may have to leave home at 7:00 a.m. the day of shipping in order to get to the vet, collect, process, and meet the deadline for overnight delivery companies in our area. Late orders may be denied shipment or be subject to extra charges if needed to get the shipment out on time due to a missed deadline for local pickup. Collection of semen may be every other day (for example, M-W-F), so please communicate with us so we can try to adjust our schedule if possible to fit your needs.
7. CONFIRMATION OF PREGNANCY of the mare at 16 to 45 days, by a qualified veterinarian, must be submitted to Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses (e-mail is fine).  Please provide veterinarian’s phone number. Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses/Toni Perdew will be held harmless if mare fails to settle for any reason.
8. A LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE will only apply if the above pregnancy confirmation is met. A live foal would stand and nurse at least 1 time. Veterinary confirmation of an open mare or non-live foal required.  Rebreeds will be honored the year following the execution of this contract if a mare does not settle or does not deliver a live foal.  The live foal guarantee is generally non-transferable to another mare unless specified in this contract or an amendment.
9. LOSS OF MARE OR STALLION: It is further agreed that should the above named stallion die or become unfit for service, or if the above named mare dies, then the Mare Owner may substitute another mare or breed the above named mare to another stallion owned or managed by Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses that is agreed to by both the Mare Owner and the Breeder. If the stallion fees are more than $100 different, the mare owner will pay the difference for a higher-priced stallion if he/she chooses such a stallion. If the mare owner chooses a cheaper stallion, the price of the lesser stallion will be used to calculate the total bill.
10. BREEDER'S CERTIFICATE: A breeder’s certificate will be issued to Mare Owner after all expenses have been paid in full and upon notification of the birth of the foal, and possibly before.
11. Mare Owner is responsible for completing and sending their breed association's paperwork upon receipt of the cooled transported semen and is also responsible for blood typing or DNA testing their mare and/or foal as per breed association rules. Mare owner must notify stallion owner of any state permit requirements (for example, EVA test results) by the mare owner resident state in a suitable period prior to the anticipated shipment date, allowing the stallion owner sufficient time to obtain those permits.
12. PLEASE NOTE Under Iowa Law (and almost all states' laws), a domesticated animal professional is not liable for damages suffered by, an injury to, or the death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of domesticated animal activities, pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 673.  You are assuming the inherent risks of participating in this domesticated animal activity when you interact with, buy or ride any horse in/from the state of Iowa.
13. This contract is governed by the laws of the State of Iowa. All accounts are due and payable in Taylor County, Iowa.

This contract is not valid unless completed in full, signed, and may not be altered or amended, except by written mutual consent of the parties herein or by filling in the blanks as requested on this form.

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The above contract is intended to be used as a guideline to assist both parties in a successful breeding. While some things are beyond our control, both sides should attempt to have a cooperative, successful, safe, and healthy breeding.


It is imperative that you have confidence, after experiences or research, in your veterinarian's success rates with shipped semen. Using a vet that is not knowledgeable in estimating the mare's heat cycle/ovulation date greatly reduces your chances of a conception...and will cost you extra money in vet fees and successive shipments of semen.


The front face of Berry Sweet Whizard's top teeth are about 1/8th of an inch in front of the bottom teeth's front face. We have heard this is something that occurs from time to time with horses having one of his bloodlines. Because that bloodline excels in reining, this minor defect does not concern many breeders, but it does concern others.


If we feel uncomfortable with decisions made by the inseminating vet, we will communicate those with you. If after three shipments you mare is not pregnant, we may require that you move your mare to a more experienced veterinarian or reproductive center before shipping additional semen. 


Keep in mind that there is no magic "percentage of motility." A stallion with 10% motility might settle more mares than a stallion with 80% motility. The total NUMBER of progressively motile sperm matters more, not the percentage. This is why we send the maximum amount of extended semen that the shipping container will hold, unless we had to keep semen for use on the farm. We will give you as much as we can!


Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses/Toni Perdew will not be responsible for any vet or other bills incurred by the mare owner/agent as a result of or preparation for breeding or due to this agreement in any way.

Please include appropriate fees, a photocopy of mares’ papers and all pages of this contract in your mailing.

I have read and understand the above contract. All information provided is believed to be accurate.

Signature of mare owner(s) _____________________________________             Date __________________________________________________

Received/Approved By: _____________________________, for Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses on this ________ day of ___________________________, _______.

Please print this page, sign it, and mail with appropriate fees to:
Cedar Ridge Quarter Horses, c/o Toni Perdew, 3005 Lexington Ct., Bedford, IA  50833

Did you Remember?  Before mailing, include:

This contract, printed and filled out
Photocopy of papers
Booking Fee
Collection/Shipping Fees and remainder of all fees at least 2 weeks prior to shipment date.

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